About Us

Our History

The company was founded and registered in 2019. Since its inception, we have proudly served over 200 clients, with 80% of them being women. Sayiwe Microfinance specializes in providing small-scale loans to women entrepreneurs in rural areas of Malawi.

Additionally, the company offers credit in the form of small working capital. These loans empower entrepreneurs to initiate or enhance their micro, small, and medium enterprises. By bolstering businesses through financial support, our aim is to elevate incomes, facilitate access to education for their children, and foster social and economic development within their communities.

Our Philosophy



A world where every individual, regardless of their socioeconomic background, has access to financial resources and opportunities to empower themselves, build sustainable livelihoods, and achieve their dreams.



Our mission is to contribute to the economic well-being of the poor through effective provision of appropriate financial services.


Our Core Values

Our Core Values are as follows 

  1. Customer focus 
  2. Honesty
  3. Integrity 
  4. Professionalism 
  5. Innovation
  6. Team work